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Willkommen bei Wohlgemuth.org

Auch wenn es die Domain schon seit vielen Jahren gibt, ist die Site nicht wirklich in Betrieb. Sie wird auch in den kommenden Monaten kaum weiter ausgebaut werden.

Wenn Sie wissen wollen, was es mit dem Namen Wohlgemuth auf sich hat, klicken Sie hier.

Wenn Sie weitere Informationen zu WOHLGEMUTH suchen, sind Sie hier falsch.

Welcome to Wohlgemuth.org

Although the domain has been registered for a while, this site is not really operational. It will probably not be expanded in the near future.

If you want to know what's the meaning of the name Wohlgemuth, follow this link.

If you're looking for more information about WOHLGEMUTH, you are out of luck here.

Just a brief note to all Wohlgemuth-Genealogists:
Please read before you ask

I keep receiving emails (mostly from people in the USA), asking about my grandparents' generation and beyond, about family documents, family trees, and other information about some people who have emigrated from Germany or elswhere to America or elsewhere during the last 6 centuries.
I am sorry, but I have to disappoint you all! Not because I want to, but because I have no choice: During WWII, all our documents got lost in the Posen (Poznan) region (today in Poland), and in the 1950s we lost any contact to the remaining Wohlgemuth branch of our family (which a.f.a.i.k. at that time lived in or near (East) Berlin). Since none of my grandparents is still alive, I can't find out too much about their parents and grandparents, anyway. Thus, unfortunately, I cannot give you any detailed information about any particular bearer of this name apart from myself and my father.
This obviously means that it is absolutely futile to ask me about people who lived in the 19th century or earlier, since I do not possess, collect or have access to any genealogic information I could distribute. If I had, you would most certainly find it published here.

Furthermore, I will definitely not reply to any inquiries that are diffuse mass-emails or apparently sent by people who did not read or not understand this paragraph! Mails without any name signed below them and without any term of address are impolite rubbish and thus will be erased immediately. Apparent mass-emails or mails sent to me more than once or to more than one of my addresses will be considered unsolicited spam and be treated as such.

For genealogy questions, please turn to


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